Hi there!

My name is Jack Bogdan and I’m an optimistic futurist out to change the world. I made A TERRIBLE TIME after a drunken board game pot luck and Fuck It Guides after an incredible trip to Seoul. By day I solve problems with technology and design at Riot Games. Secretly, I’m working on low-cost modular furniture with my girlfriend Brooklyn, and a non-profit to help people find their passions. I love dinosaurs.

I believe in:


Anyone can do what they love, but they have to want it more than everyone else. We make our own luck.

Great People

I surround myself with people better than me so I can be better.

Not Settling

As a perfectionist, I don’t accept ‘just okay.’ I strive to be exceptional and do amazing work.

This record shattering Rubik's Cube solving robot is so nerdy and awesome. I love it. youtube.com/watch?v=ixTddQ…

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