Hi there!

My name is Jack Bogdan and I make things. By day I lead teams to solve cool problems as a Product Manager at Riot Games. At night my girlfriend Brooklyn and I design simple and functional objects to express ourselves like Prop/Art. I co-created a f**ked up party game called A TERRIBLE TIME: The Party Game Where Everyone Loses with Rob Hebert after a drunken board game pot luck. I published a travel guide / pocket notebook called Fuck It Seoul with Matthew Manarino. Once upon a time I co-hosted a weekly video show, and a monthly game design improv podcast with Alex Griendling.

I love dinosaurs.

Facebook's advertising business model is mass hyper targeted manipulation. Its impact on society is unhealthy. The benefits don't outweigh the costs. Teams at FB are working on really cool things, but the core revenue stream is toxic. twitter.com/jackbogdan/sta…

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